The Whittington

Lower Limb:

Mr P Thomas
Mr D Sweetnam
Mr W Bartlett
Mr I Palaiologos

Upper Limb:

Mr I Bacarese-Hamilton
Mr O Haddo
Mr A Basso

Foot & Ankle:

Mr C Charalambides
Mr A O’Gorman (Paeds liaison)


Mr R Shetty
Mr N Shetty

The Whittington currently has 8 middle grades (usually 5 training registrars and 3 staff grades) covering 11 consultants on a one-in-eight 24 hour oncall rota. Mr Bacarese-Hamilton coordinates the registrars allocations and is the first point of call for new starters. The rota is run by the registrars and is handed over as the registrars rotate.