The Royal London

Lower Limb:

Mr P Achan
Mr J Lee
Mr P Lee
Prof G Scott

Foot & Ankle:

Mr N Heidari (Trauma frames)

Lower Limb and Pelvis:

Mr P Culpan
Mr P Bates (Trauma)

Upper Limb:

Miss S Ang
Mr L Di Mascio
Mr A Noorani

Spinal surgery

Mr A S Montgomery
Mr A Ranganathan


Mr M Ramachandran
Mr M Barry
Miss C Maizen
Mr K James

Rota Structure

The Royal London runs a two tier registrar rota with senior and junior registrars.

The junior tier is responsible for the day to day running of the acute trauma take. This includes invaluable exposure to complex multiple injury trauma calls as part of a well organised, A+E consultant led trauma team with input from general surgeons, vascular surgeons, trauma surgeons and the orthopaedic team.

The senior tier is responsible for trauma theatre coordination, senior advice for the acute take and covering other theatre duties such as a the paediatric emergency board.

With a full compliment of registrars the rota runs one-in-ten weekends and a long weekday oncall every other week. The junior tier does one-in-ten weeks of nights with a rota’d in week of leave after which is not included in your total annual leave quota.

Key Contacts

Clinical Director: Mr P Achan. The Royal London runs two training rotations, both using RLH as their base hospital. For discussions regarding placement with a specific consultant you should contact Mr P Achan (Programme Director for the Percivall Pott Rotation) or Mr M Barry (Programme Director for the Royal London Rotation).

Rota Coordinator: One of the senior registrars currently working at the Royal London. At present it is Miss Anna Peek (

Trauma Coordinators: Specialist nurses, Kirstie Ormston and Kathy Murphy. Bleep 0877 Mobile 07769 234030.

Other Information

Trauma meetings start at 8am every morning in the seminar room on Ward 10F.

Main theatres are on level 4 with one elective theatre (Theatre 8) and one trauma theatre (Theatre 9). An emergency theatre also runs in Theatre 12 and takes overflow from the the Theatre 9 pending trauma depending on avaialbility of space and staff.

Secretaries and orthopaedic offices are located in John Harrison House. This is behind the hospital (walk South out of the Stepney Way exit and follow the signs).